My class Grade “2 A” win the egg hunt competition!



Yesterday we had the egg hunt competition at school and our class won by getting the most number of eggs. They were so happy that they requested I mention it on the website!  We won a huge chocolate egg and we sat in class and ate it in one gulp! yummy! Congratulations Grade 2 A, and Happy Easter from Miss Farah and her students.Smile


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What are we going to learn today?


     My post for today is mainly for teachers to help their students understand what they have to accomplish learning throughout the day. Each morning I write the date, subject, and the objectives for the whole day. Today I had three consecutive periods. One for English, one for Math, and the third one for Science. Of course, I have my daily lesson plan with me and I know what should be covered, but students need to know that too. Students like to know ahead of time what is expected of them. So if you look at the picture above, I mentioned that we have reading with comprehension questions( English), then learning the multiplication of 4 and 9 (Math) and finishing Science workbook pages about “Salt Water Habitat”. Each time we finish a task I put a tick next to it like the photo below.


   Usually in every class you have slow workers and that could put us behind schedule, it’s not because they are low achievers it’s just that they tend to take their time more than others. So to teach them that they have to work at a faster pace I write on the board let’s say they have 15 minutes max to finish the required classwork I write 15 minutes on the board. Every 2 minutes I write on the board how many minutes are left. You can use other ways like signs, clock, bell etc…


What I posted today is part of classroom management. It makes the students’ and your life easier Smile 

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Rising Stars Bulletin Board


    At the beginningof the year, I put up a rising stars bulletin board in the hallway of the elementary department. The idea behind this board is to encourage positive reinforcement in the class, especially low achievers. For example if a student was polite by saying please and thank you he or she can get a rising star or if the student was behaving well, completed classwork on time, raised his/her hand, stood properly in line, cleaned up his/her desk etc… When your student sees that he or she is being appreciated, they will work harder and put more effort.

What is so special about this board is that everyone walking in the hallway can see the bulletin board. When parents are going to the office or picking up their child at the end of the day they will see their child’s name as well.




    Here are some rising stars that some teachers wrote about the students and put them on the board. To make this star it is quite easy. Just go to Microsoft word get the shape of the star. Leave a line for the name then write “is a rising star because” and a few more lines for stating the reason. Put two small lines at the bottom for the grade and section and the other for the date like the photos above. I hope you like it remember this rising star board works best if all the department was working on the same board for everyone to see Smile

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Want Your Kid To Eat A Healthy Snack? Use a Stick


100 calories

1 stick
per serving

Sick of trying to get your kids to eat something healthy? Try my method of persuasion involving a stick.

No, I’m not suggesting you beat them.  Try shoving a healthy food onto a stick!

This may sound crazy (or even dangerous), but for a certain age group that can handle sticks this is a fantastic way to trick them into thinking they are getting a treat. Children are much more motivated by the physical appearance of their food than adults. They choose things by sight, perhaps because they don’t have the experiences that adults have had with food.

The best way to serve this snack is to get the kids involved so you don’t have to do any work. Get some barbeque skewers and butter knives and let your children cut up the soft food.

Then give them the sticks and have them design their own snack. Let them pick out the food they want to use from the refrigerator. There are SO many options: olives, lunch meat, bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese – almost anything can be put on a stick!

Your imagination is the only limitation for your fancy stick snack. You can wrap these in plastic wrap and put them in a lunch box. I would cut off the sharp end if you have a child that is a bit feisty at lunch time (you don’t want his best friend to lose an eye).

Taken from:

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Dear Mom,


       I wanted to write you a letter but then I thought to my self that my love to you should be shown to  everyone around the world in a post on my blog.

       I honor you, Mom, with my love and gratitude because of the things that you have taught me in life.  You taught me independence, trust my opinion and always keep an open mind to what I have to say. Because of you, Mom, I have become a person who tries to be nonjudgmental, kind, patient, fair, loving and compassionate.

      I’m sure you’ve watched me walk into situations that you knew were going to hurt, but the thing that lets me know how much you care is that you let me go into them. I only hope that I can pass these same characteristics down to my children, so that they will be as proud of me as I am of you.   I can’t express in words what you give to me without even knowing it. Your doing an amazing job being my mother, and I don’t think I tell you enough.  So today is your one day a year to be spoiled, one little day to focus on you rather then everyone else, when you’ve given every day of your life for the past 28 years to me.

      You are  a remarkable woman and an amazing Mom! You are always seeking to do the right thing. You have  a wonderful sense of humor and you taught us that family is important and that no matter what, we’d always have each other.

       Thank you for always giving of your time, your energy and your devotion. Thank you for always knowing what I need, even when I don’t know it myself. Thank you for taking the time to teach me the important lessons in life. Thank you for being such a blessing. Thank you for being you!

                                    Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

                                                                                                       Your daughter,

                                                                                                          Miss Farah



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Homework Check!


    I created a new chart last week that I thought helped me keep track of homework submission In the chart, I wrote the name list of the students, the three primary subjects that I teach, and the tests that they should return the next day. It helped  a lot and now students expect to make a tick next to their name and under the specific assignment subject. First they look forward to it and second it is easier for me to keep track. So teachers I advise you to use this chart in your classroom it is very helpful and no time is wasted Smile


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Ten tips for Terrific Teachers



1- Never talk longer than the average age of the group! This means 5-10 minutes for elementary student, about 13-18 minutes for teenagers an 20-30 minutes for adults. Then your students must do something, even if it’s only turning to the person next to them and repeating three things they learned from the lecture.

2- The person doing the most talking is doing the most learning. If you are doing the most talking-or moving or writing- you are doing the most learning. When your students do the most talking or moving or writing, then they are doing the most learning. If you want them to HEAR IT, you talk. If you them to LEARN IT, they talk. It’s that simple.

3- Tell it with stories! Whenever you can, illustrate your lecture with stories. “Whatever is most personal is most universal!” Make a point;tell a story. Paint your stories with details to make them come alive.

4- Balance active and passive ways of learning. If your students have done a stand-up and move around activity, then have them do a quiet sit-down activity. vary the pace, the activities, the energy.

5- Walk your talk. Speak from your own experiences and then have your students speak from theirs.

6- Active bodies equal active brains. Our brains need the movement of our bodies in order to function most effectively. The more you have your students DOING THINGS they more they will learn and remember.

7- The process is as important as the product. How your students “get there” is as important as the information they walk away with. The activities they engage in will determine the depth of the learning they leave with.

8- You master what you teach. Let your students master what you have taught them by teaching each other what they have learned from you.

9- Be the “guide-on-the-side, “not the “sage-on-the-stage!” Design the class so that your students focus on themselves and each other while they learn. You re the guide who creates learning experience and then steps back while the learners take over. Move their attention away from you and onto them.

10- You teach best what you most need to learn! Author Richard bach says: “Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know as well as you.” We are all learners, doers, and teachers.

Author: Sharon Bowman

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Article about Miss Farah: How to become the most famous teacher



An  article about me by: Indalytics

How to become the most famous teacher in your geography? Answer is quite simple — solve the basic pain points of your students and parents. Though everyone knows it, but very few people are able to do it both efficiently, and effectively. But there is one teacher in Lebanon, who has not only introduced a new teaching style in her country, but has also executed it in a perfect manner.

Farah Ghazale, popularly known as Miss Farah, started her profession as a teacher 10 years ago. A diploma holder from the Lebanese American University, Farah learnt a lot of teaching best practices throughout her career. And in order to document all her experiences and best practices, and pass them on to new teachers and parents, she started writing them on her blog —

The blog, which is three years old, discusses Farah’s style of teaching, which has been very popular amongst her students’ parents. It provides parenting tips on topics ranging from ‘keeping children busy on a holiday’ to ‘curriculum framework of IB Program.’

Recently, Farah introduced an innovative educational portal — — the first of its kind in Lebanon/Arab region. It is an education–cum–fun portal, which is dedicated to kids between 5 — 10 years. The portal helps those kids who need extra help or just more practice on a certain skill. The students can play educational games in English, Mathematics, Science, Computers, Drama, and Arts, and also read online stories with audio. In a short span of time, the portal has become a huge success among the students and parents.

USP of the portal

Some of the reasons that we could identify behind success of Farah Ghazale’s venture are:

  • She is addressing the basic pain points of students and parents.
  • She has tapped a very large market — having the first English teaching portal in a non–English speaking nation gives you immense opportunities through first–mover advantage. Also, increasing internet penetration in Lebanon and its popularity among students will further work in her advantage.
  • She went to students through parents — her blog helped parents trust her, and let their kids access her portal. Also, her blog’s fan following helped her in portal’s promotion.
  • Her execution is perfect — the portal is attracting students through games. Also, the interface and colors are appealing.

Revenue potential

As the portal is brainchild of a dedicated teacher who just wants to make learning easier, we are not surprised to not find any revenue earning signs on the portal. However, we are sure that once this portal picks up, then Farah would be sitting on a gold–mine — as there are at least six readily available monetization opportunities on the blog and the portal.

These types of portals (education through games and fun) can be easily created by schools and teachers in India. However, they will have to keep in mind that they don’t miss the basic value proposition while focusing on monetization and expansion.

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My son ditched his PS3 to Brainy!


    2 days ago, one of the parents was picking her son up from school and discussing my new website “Brainy”. She told me that her son is not playing on his Play Station as much as before and prefers to play educational games on Brainy! I mean isn’t that an accomplishment? I was overwhelmed with this news and so proud! I am so happy with the positive feedback I’ve been getting.  Click on to have your child play games that are fun yet beneficial Smile

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Students love having technology in the Classroom


Many schools are using technology in their classroom, I know of a few schools in Lebanon who are not using paper and pencil anymore.  I really wish that all schools around Lebanon will start taking this issue into consideration. The internet is changing the way students and teachers view the learning process. Research is the number one reason to use the internet in education and students have a wealth of information open to them.

As I was browsing through some classroom blogs I noticed a teacher Mrs. Madden’s Class who uses a lot of technology in her classroom. The students looked so interested and were very calm. She posted a video about her students’ opinion about having technology in their classroom. Have a look…

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