A Brilliant lesson Plan: The Very hungry Caterpillar


A teacher I know got accepted recently as a KG –2 teacher because she applied this lesson to the class. She did very well and I thought it would be beneficial for new teachers who are now applying for this position and I thought it would be great to share. Congratulation Hania Nader and good luck in your teaching career and making a difference in your students’ lives Smile 

Science Lesson plan-KG 2 “The life Cycle of a Butterfly!

Grade level: KG2

Title: life cycle of the butterfly

Primary subject: science

Secondary subject (integrated into): art and mathematics

Background knowledge:

Students are expected to know the butterfly. If not, the teacher is expected to show a true butterfly. Also, they should know what a pattern is, in order to understand what a cycle is.


· Students will recognize the stages in a butterfly’s life cycle.

· Students will be able to name the four stages of butterfly’s life cycle.

· Students will make caterpillars and butterflies

· Students will name different fruit names 


· decorate the class with the crafts and introduce the topic

· read the story and pin point the different stages of the life cycle

· use the bulletin board to show the life cycle and name each stage

· the students will now be able to call the stages as the teacher reads on the story

· give students cards showing the different stages for them to sort  in the correct order (individual work)

· as we read the story, teacher  will show to the students the chart showing the number of fruits listed which caterpillar ate in the story

·students will work in groups of two to make the puzzle of the stages of  the life cycle and should put them in the correct order


· students will be given the different stages to number them from 1 to 4

· teacher will pin point the stages and the students should be able to give its name

Puzzle game – the life cycle of a butterfly


Art project



I printed these out, I cut them and the kids colored them and pasted them on a leaf and they made cocoons from tissues and they made butterflies like this one here from a tissue and a clothespin and they drew on them with markers.


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Safety Signs project; because we care…


    Last week, my Social studies students wanted to do something special. So I decided to have them walk around the school. As we began our journey, I was amazed by the wonderful and creative ideas that they had. I liked how detailed they were. They were able to recognize where students should be more cautious. They also mentioned some safety rules in the playground, like the one above. I told them to use their words positively. Instead of saying DON’T KICK THE BALL TOO HARD  we said IF YOU KICK THE BALL TOO HARD YOU WILL HURT YOUR FRIENDS.  They liked the idea that it is much better to use positive words and avoid the DON”T word. We don’t want to give orders after all right? So after they chose what to write we went to Art class and started designing the safety signs. This Wednesday and of course after the principal’s approval we will be hanging them around the school. Safety signs done by my students. They make me so proud Smile





This is what we got so far we will be writing more Smile

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Positive quotes to inspire your students


As you all know I am a believer in positive energy and self development. I like to inspire students every week with a quote about positivity or inspiration. Usually, every Friday we write the agenda or homework for the upcoming week and when we are done we write a quote on top. When we write it we discuss it as well. The quote above “ If you surround yourself with positive people, you will have positive results.” was last week’s quote. let me show a few quotes that we wrote the past few weeks.


“Only you can control your future.” –Dr. Suess


“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”


“Live with passion.”- Anthony Robbins


“Greet the day with love in your heart.”


2012 is my year to shine! We wrote this quote after new year.

Trust me these quotes they will remember forever! Parents of my students read them too and they always tell me they love the quotes that we write on the agenda. Smile Inspire your students and everyone around you!

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My students solve math problems and operations daily here’s how…


Our Annual Math Contest is soon and I want my kids to practice mental math and operations regularly to get the hang of it. I decided to put a basket in class that says ‘Solve my Problem” in the basket are math operations subtraction and addition along with problem solving.


Next to the basket I put recycled papers to solve the operations on them instead of white paper and to teach them not to waste paper.


In the photo above I also added Math Windows, some teachers are familiar with them. They are also very good for solving operations. The answer key is in the back and they can put their score on top and of course using recycled paper.


I just want to add that I change the problems and operations every 2 weeks so that students will be provided with variety. Don’t forget to check their answers! This activity is also great for early finishers.

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10 Reasons to Ban Pens and Pencils in the Classroom


As I was browsing the net until I read this interesting post about pens and pencils. I never thought pencils could be that annoying or dangerous. As I read the whole post I agreed with every word but would do we use instead? That would work only if the school uses technology massively like Ipad for every student etc… Well I thought of sharing it anyway let me know what you think.

According to a recent MSNBC article, 69% of high school currently ban cell phones. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a school anywhere that has enacted a blanket ban on pens and pencils. Here are 10 reasons to reconsider the widespread acceptance of these distracting and potentially dangerous implements.

  1-  Pens and pencils are distracting. The tapping, clicking, flipping and rolling can drive just about any teacher around the bend.

    2- Writing implements are dangerous. I remember when I was a kid my brother attacked me with a pencil so close to my eye that I was almost gonna go blind. I still have the mark by the way. Thanks brother! –Miss Farah

3- Pens can be used to cheat. Katie says: Now that I’m at the head of a classroom instead of behind a desk, I’ve seen some ingenious cheating techniques. One student managed to write an entire history of media studies on the bottom of their shoe. I’ve also found forearms covered with vocabulary words, ankles tattooed with definitions, and hands dyed with smeared blue ink.

  4- They are incredibly messy. Dusty pencil shavings litter the floor in many elementary classrooms and pens filled with liquid ink are just disasters waiting to happen. Have you ever tried to clean a child’s backpack after a pen broke at the bottom of the bag? No amount of scrubbing can get the dye completely out.

   5- Pens and pencils can be used to bully kids. Those notes that pass from hand to hand across the rows of desks are often far more sinister than they appear. Thanks to the ubiquitous use of writing implements in schools, kids have free reign to write and distribute messages that use offensive language and hateful speech. Recent high-profile cases of student bullying are just the latest examples of why we must crack down on these communication tools.

6-Kids will just use them to play games. Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, word searches, crosswords, and now the latest craze: Sudoko. How can any student be expected to keep their mind on lessons when there are so many tempting distractions just a pen stroke away?

7-  Fancy pens and pencils will cause jealousy and other problems. Katie says: I remember in fifth grade when the girl who sat across from me came to school with a brand new pack of orange, sparkly pens that wrote in neon ink. Her father had brought them back as a souvenir from a recent trip to Florida. They were the coolest and I wanted them, but they were too expensive for me to just go out and buy. Wouldn’t it be better to nip those kinds of issue in the bud by instituting a widespread ban on pens in schools.

  8-  There are health concerns that can lead to bad habits. Chewing pens and pencils  all that chomping in class had to affect our dental hygiene.

  9-They lead to sedentary behavior. Have you ever seen a child running with a sharpened pencil? Or, writing a note while playing kickball? Writing and exercise don’t mix. The obesity crises is reaching epic levels. Let’s get pens and pencils out of our kid’s pudgy hands so they can get moving.

  10- They can be used to embarrass teachers. Sure, no teacher wants to see their goofs show up on YouTube, but a skillfully done caricature can do as much or more damage than photos or video. At least cameras and video capture actual events, when students are given free reign to create images, text or stories about their teachers, there’s no limit to the damage they can do.

By Katie Stansberry


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Healthiest lunchbox for this week goes to…


…Faouzi! Faouzi is one of the students who always gets healthy snacks and lots of fruits. I like how the fruits are always so neatly put and how he displays them on his desk getting ready munch Smile Keep it up Faouzi!

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My class Grade “2 A” win the egg hunt competition!



Yesterday we had the egg hunt competition at school and our class won by getting the most number of eggs. They were so happy that they requested I mention it on the website!  We won a huge chocolate egg and we sat in class and ate it in one gulp! yummy! Congratulations Grade 2 A, and Happy Easter from Miss Farah and her students.Smile


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What are we going to learn today?


     My post for today is mainly for teachers to help their students understand what they have to accomplish learning throughout the day. Each morning I write the date, subject, and the objectives for the whole day. Today I had three consecutive periods. One for English, one for Math, and the third one for Science. Of course, I have my daily lesson plan with me and I know what should be covered, but students need to know that too. Students like to know ahead of time what is expected of them. So if you look at the picture above, I mentioned that we have reading with comprehension questions( English), then learning the multiplication of 4 and 9 (Math) and finishing Science workbook pages about “Salt Water Habitat”. Each time we finish a task I put a tick next to it like the photo below.


   Usually in every class you have slow workers and that could put us behind schedule, it’s not because they are low achievers it’s just that they tend to take their time more than others. So to teach them that they have to work at a faster pace I write on the board let’s say they have 15 minutes max to finish the required classwork I write 15 minutes on the board. Every 2 minutes I write on the board how many minutes are left. You can use other ways like signs, clock, bell etc…


What I posted today is part of classroom management. It makes the students’ and your life easier Smile 

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Rising Stars Bulletin Board


    At the beginningof the year, I put up a rising stars bulletin board in the hallway of the elementary department. The idea behind this board is to encourage positive reinforcement in the class, especially low achievers. For example if a student was polite by saying please and thank you he or she can get a rising star or if the student was behaving well, completed classwork on time, raised his/her hand, stood properly in line, cleaned up his/her desk etc… When your student sees that he or she is being appreciated, they will work harder and put more effort.

What is so special about this board is that everyone walking in the hallway can see the bulletin board. When parents are going to the office or picking up their child at the end of the day they will see their child’s name as well.




    Here are some rising stars that some teachers wrote about the students and put them on the board. To make this star it is quite easy. Just go to Microsoft word get the shape of the star. Leave a line for the name then write “is a rising star because” and a few more lines for stating the reason. Put two small lines at the bottom for the grade and section and the other for the date like the photos above. I hope you like it remember this rising star board works best if all the department was working on the same board for everyone to see Smile

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Want Your Kid To Eat A Healthy Snack? Use a Stick


100 calories

1 stick
per serving

Sick of trying to get your kids to eat something healthy? Try my method of persuasion involving a stick.

No, I’m not suggesting you beat them.  Try shoving a healthy food onto a stick!

This may sound crazy (or even dangerous), but for a certain age group that can handle sticks this is a fantastic way to trick them into thinking they are getting a treat. Children are much more motivated by the physical appearance of their food than adults. They choose things by sight, perhaps because they don’t have the experiences that adults have had with food.

The best way to serve this snack is to get the kids involved so you don’t have to do any work. Get some barbeque skewers and butter knives and let your children cut up the soft food.

Then give them the sticks and have them design their own snack. Let them pick out the food they want to use from the refrigerator. There are SO many options: olives, lunch meat, bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese – almost anything can be put on a stick!

Your imagination is the only limitation for your fancy stick snack. You can wrap these in plastic wrap and put them in a lunch box. I would cut off the sharp end if you have a child that is a bit feisty at lunch time (you don’t want his best friend to lose an eye).

Taken from: http://www.snack-girl.com/

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