The Bull’s Eye Game for Challenging Students


The Bull’s Eye game is one of Whole Brain Teaching’s most potent resources for dealing with your most challenging students.  The game is designed expressly for students who are immune to punishment.
The core idea of the Bull’s Eye game is quite simple.  In a brief one on one session, student and teacher, without letting the other see, grade the student’s behavior in class that day on a 1 to 5 scale (with 5 being best).  If the student’s grade matches the teacher’s, then the student scores two points.  If the student’s grade misses the teacher’s by a point, then the student scores one point.  Points are accumulated over time for a small, agreed upon reward … anything from stickers to a soda.

The beauty of the Bull’s Game is that students are rewarded for seeing their behavior through the eyes of their teacher.  Sam had a very bad day.  He knows it and scores himself a 1.  The teacher agrees and also gives him a 1.  Sam wins!  Sam wins because he was able to objectively evaluate his own behavior.  That’s a skill rare even in adults.
When the Bull’s Eye game concludes, and it only takes a minute to play, teacher and student have an opportunity to discuss the student’s behavior … in a non-threatening, “game” context.  “Well, Sam.  Why did you get a 1 today?  How are things going at home?”  Simple questions like these can open up powerful opportunities for counseling.

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How to Make a Vision Board


What is a vision board?

A vision board is a large board where you collect images from various magazines.

What’s the idea behind it?

Having a vision board in front of you is like surrounding yourself with these images of who you want to become, where you want to live, your ideal relationship, your ideal job, your dream vacation, money etc… These images add clarity to your desires.

Supplies that you need are:

- Magazines

- Glue

- Poster board

Before you begin with your vision board make sure you are sitting somewhere comfortable with soft music so it can help you focus on what you really want.

Start going through your magazines and tear out all the images you like. Have fun with it!

As you lay the images on the floor your board will start making sense on how you want to lay the images out. For instance, you might assign a theme to each corner of the board. Health, Job, Spirituality, Relationships, for instance. Or it may just be that the images want to go all over the place.

Glue them on the board and you can add some writing.

Leave space in the very center of the vision board for a fantastic photo of yourself where you look radiant and happy. Paste yourself in the center of your board.

Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

Do this vision board if:

- You’re not sure what exactly you want

- You’ve been in a period of depression or grief

- You have a vision of what you want, but are uncertain about it in some way.

- You know you want change but don’t know how it’s possible.

-There is a specific thing you want to manifest in your life. (i.e. a new home, or starting a business.)

idea taken from:

Here are a few samples from:

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Chocolate Chip Cookies with Oreo and Kinder Chocolate filling

Chocolate Chip Cookies


2 days ago I baked chocolate chip cookies with Oreo and Kinder chocolate filling very easy to prepare and bake, your child can help as well :) watch full video to follow the steps…

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Tips for happiness in your daily life

Tips for happiness

Daily life can be made happier. It is a matter of choice. Here are a few tips for increasing happiness in daily life.

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How to get your kids do their homework

Miss Farah- Homework help

In this video you will listen through some steps and guidelines in encouraging your kids do their homework. I hope you’ll find it useful.

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Fun ways to read with your Child

Reading tips

Here I discuss ways you can read with your child and how to make reading more fun. Watch video to listen to the tips!

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Organize your day during Summer Break!

Organize you day during summer break


This is my first video, I will be posting videos more often.  I discuss how parents can set a schedule for their children during summer break. Hope that helps!

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How can you tell if your child is lying?

This post is for parents and teachers. I wanted to write about this topic because both parents and teachers sometimes can’t tell if a child is lying or not. Let’s say a child did something inappropriate in class and you want to figure out if he or she was the doer, you start questioning… But how can you tell if the child is innocent or guilty! Well there are many ways. I have been reading a lot about body language lately and here’s what I came up with.

So how can you tell if a child is lying?

1- Pay attention to the child’s voice. Is his voice high or low? Is he speaking fast or slow?  Is he providing information that you didn’t even ask about? Did your child pause?

2- There’s a sudden anger. Sometimes when you ask the child did you do that specific thing, he will answer with anger and indignation. “No, of course I didn’t do that! Why would you even think that? Why doesn’t anyone ever believe me? I’m out of here!”

3- Have the child repeat the story to see if there are any inconsistencies.

4- Look at your child’s body language. pay attention to facial expressions. Is he looking you in the eye or down at the floor? Is she biting her lip or the inside of her cheek? Is he blinking his eyes very fast or not blinking at all? For the young child, especially, does she look guilty or fearful?



So if you do figure out your child is lying try not overreact especially if the child admitted  his lie.  Yelling at him will reduce chances of him coming forward with the truth in the future. Being truthful is a lesson you must teach your child, and it must be modeled as well. If your child seems to have a problem with excessive lying, you should discuss the matter with your child’s doctor.

Information taken from:

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Teacher parent Store


TEACHER PARENT STORE (TPS) is an educational store where you will find TOYS & RESOURCES for early childhood (0 to 10Y) to develop skills & cater for all your child’s educational needs.
You will be blown away with the amazing educational toys, special needs toys, arts & crafts, music, language, math & science toys, books, baby toys, physical education toys, teachers’ resources, furniture & play area equipment.
TPS toys & resources are carefully researched & chosen based on educational objectives meeting the HIGHEST INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS FOR CHILD SAFETY (CE, European EN71 & the American ASTM)
This one of a kind shop is a HEAVEN for parents, teachers & kids!


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Teaching isn’t rocket science — it’s harder.

farah brainy

I was reading this article By Jennifer Fox I loved it so I decided to share it with you.

What does it take to be an excellent teacher? It takes a wide variety of skills, emotional maturity and higher order thinking skills to be an effective teacher. It takes patience, lots of it.

How many people do you know who can not react but instead show compassion and understanding and in a flash come up with a teachable moment after being insulted by a recalcitrant teen?

It takes a sense of humor — but the right kind of humor, not sarcasm or quick wittedness, because that’s too easy and kids don’t respond positively to that. It takes the ability to strategize — to plan for multiple units covering different objectives while employing scaffolding techniques, authentic assessments and focus activities for the more than 75 individuals you will be responsible for on any given day. It takes compassion, curiosity and understanding — because the job demands developing real relationships with kids. It takes creativity and flexibility because you never know when the fire alarm is going to sound and put an end to the really great lesson you put together.It takes collaborative skills, because you will work on teams, task forces and attend multiple meetings. It takes a love of learning because you will need to stay abreast of all the latest developments in your subject area, brain research, and technology among other things you must keep learning. It takes generosity because you will be asked for more time, more resources and more caring than is written in your job description. You will also find yourself reaching into your own wallet to fund the great activity that needs extra supplies, or to bring in food for the students. It takes passion and a little something extra that draws kids to you. It takes all these things and more — all day — every day.

So how many people have all this in one package? Where are the folks with all these qualities? Some of them are in the classrooms in our schools and a lot of them are running companies for much greater sums of money than teachers make.

We can’t expect people with all this talent to go into teaching for altruistic reasons alone. People with this much talent and who have one of the most important responsibilities in the world deserve more. We won’t attract the right people unless we pay them what they are worth. There are many people teaching today with these very qualities, and many more who would go into teaching if it paid more.

Are you a teacher? Why did you go into teaching in the first place? Why do you stay? Have you left teaching? Why did you leave? Are you thinking of going into teaching? What holds you back?

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