Frozen hot chocolate smoothie recipe

Tonight i felt like sharing a smoothie recipe. Smoothies are the perfect solution for:
Picky Eaters
Kids on the Go
Active Kids
Children with Food Allergies
Busy Parents
Frozen Hot Chocolate smoothie:
6 dove milk chocolate pieces
1.5 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons of hot chocolate mix
11/2 cups of 2% milk, divided
2 cups of ice
whipped cream (optional)
Place the dove chocolate pieces in the top of a double broiler over about 1 inch of barely boiling water. Stir occasionally until all pieces of chocolate are completely melted.
Slowly add both the hot chocolate mix and sugar, stirring continuously, until they are completely dissolved. Remove from heat.
Slowly add ½ cup of milk into the melted hot chocolate. Let the mixture cool to room temperature.
Add 1 cup of milk, hot chocolate mixture, and two cups of ice to blender, and blend until combined, just a few minutes.
Serve immediately. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of hot chocolate mix if desired.

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Reading activity: Pick a page!

   Reading activity called: “Pick a Page”. I wrote the page numbers of our reading story on cards and my students had to pick out a card to select a page number. Then student reads the page number out loud, then everyone opens to that page and the students reads the selected page. All my students were so excited about this activity. It’s amazing how just a simple activity like this one can encourage your child to read :)

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New year Resolution..

Teachers, parents, and students, 2012 is almost over this is the best time to overlook your goals and desires again. Here are some new year resolution ideas that you can think about:
1- Be more positive, a positive attitude leads to a positive life
2-Be a volunteer, be helpful
3- Spend more time with family and kids
4- Travel more and enjoy the world around you
5- Improve work situation and don’t make work your priority
6- Lose weight, trust me you’ll feel better
7- Quit smoking, don’t ruin your life over a cigarette
8- Improve health and be fit, have a healthy lifestyle
Happy New year from Miss Farah :

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Words of Encouragement

positive phrases

Teachers, aren’t you sick of writing the same phrases when correcting tests or any class work? like: Excellent, Very good, good and so on….Here is a list of a few positive phrases that you might use….for a change :) Please share with us if you use any interesting positive phrases as well…

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My thoughts for this school year..



    Seriously time really flies! I can’t believe we’ve been in school for a month already. So here’s how my year looks like so far….

     A lot of work, a lot of technology, and a lot of differentiated instruction. You can say that this year  I have all kinds of students. The students who want to be challenged, the early finishers, low achievers, slow students, hyper active students, talkative ones, perfectionists, and the quiet ones . I did have different kinds of students in my teaching years but it was never this diversified. It is kind of fun and challenging for me as a teacher because I am the kind of teacher who wants to make a difference in every one of my students’ lives. I want to make learning fun and I never want them to think of studying as a punishment. So far,  I can proudly say that I  have achieved in fulfilling this kind of challenge over my years of teaching.

      This is my message to the new teachers: Don’t lose it! I mean it! Children are so easy to handle. Motivate them, be fun, always use positive phrases and reinforcement, be patient, loving and caring, show them that you are there for them, give every child your attention, do not label students,  do not talk about the students with other teachers in front of them, and a sense of humor every now and then would add an extra touch. I believe that every student has a gift. You can notice that gift in some students immediately and some will take a while. You have to be patient! Nothing is more beautiful than the children’s world! Smile 

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Healthiest lunchbox for this week goes to….


Ramzi! Ramzi had crab sandwich- milk –apple juice- croissant- slices of apples and biscuits.

Way to Go Ramzi! Say healthy! Smile

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Activboard: The 4 kinds of sentences


My students had a fun day today! I was able to download the Grammar lesson about the 4 kinds of sentences : Statement, question, exclamation and command.

In the photo above students had to drag phrases that are suitable to be put in each bus. For example: “Open the door” is a command, so student drags this phrase and places it in the right bus. if the student got it right there will be a clapping sound.


In the photo above there is a tool in the Activboard called Magic ink. Student reads the phrase and then drags the pen over the phrase to get the answer. They loved it!

If you have the Activboard go to sign up an download your lessons.

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Healthiest Lunchboxes for this week go to….


The healthiest lunchbox for this week go to James and Taleen!

James lunchbox contained: Kiwi- grapes- Juice- Ham and cucumber sandwich- Kiri (cheese)


Taleen’s lunchbox contained: Maacaroni and cheese- apple- broccoli- apple juice- fruit yogurt and biscuits.

Way to Go!!

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My students love the Activboard!

 This is my first week with my new students. I started using the Activboard when I explained a new spelling lesson. I love it! My students are being so interactive and attentive in class. They all want a turn on that magic board! Frankly, I am barely using the whiteboard now. Having this board in my class is changing everything. In the photo above we started learning the short vowel /a/ and /i/ as a revision from grade one. They loved spelling words while writing on the activboard.










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My Classroom before and after…

my class before and after

other side of classroom

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