Reading Log


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could look back at a list of books your child (or you) read? Not just over the summer, but for the whole year? How about if you could see the titles of all (or most) the books they read while they were growing up?
You can print this reading log using this link:

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Crazy Lab


Today we watched Crazy Lab with Nancy who has her own show on MTV Lebanon. She came to our school today and all of the students were super excited. They had the best time watching making magic with science that they all want to become scientists when they grow up Smile


Using a hair dryer to blow toilet paper which made a really nice effect.




Dry Ice!



Dry Ice explosion when adding soap to it!


Cloud explosion!

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Dr. Seuss bookmarks

We made bookmarks today with quotes from the great author Dr. Seuss so my students can use them while they are reading their library books.:)

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Learning proper nouns…

  Good morning everyone! Today we are learning about proper nouns! We used the Activboard. First we watched a short video then we practiced writing some examples of proper nouns. My students love the Activboard, do you have one? :)

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Early finishers…


    For early finishers: Math “Solve my problem”- i usually have a box in the classroom with Math problems inside when a student is done with a certain activity they know that they have to go to that box choose a problem and grab a recycled paper and answer the questions. Well practice makes perfect right? :)

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Friday message…

Friday message: “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.” -Paul Arden

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Frozen hot chocolate smoothie recipe

Tonight i felt like sharing a smoothie recipe. Smoothies are the perfect solution for:
Picky Eaters
Kids on the Go
Active Kids
Children with Food Allergies
Busy Parents
Frozen Hot Chocolate smoothie:
6 dove milk chocolate pieces
1.5 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons of hot chocolate mix
11/2 cups of 2% milk, divided
2 cups of ice
whipped cream (optional)
Place the dove chocolate pieces in the top of a double broiler over about 1 inch of barely boiling water. Stir occasionally until all pieces of chocolate are completely melted.
Slowly add both the hot chocolate mix and sugar, stirring continuously, until they are completely dissolved. Remove from heat.
Slowly add ½ cup of milk into the melted hot chocolate. Let the mixture cool to room temperature.
Add 1 cup of milk, hot chocolate mixture, and two cups of ice to blender, and blend until combined, just a few minutes.
Serve immediately. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of hot chocolate mix if desired.

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Reading activity: Pick a page!

   Reading activity called: “Pick a Page”. I wrote the page numbers of our reading story on cards and my students had to pick out a card to select a page number. Then student reads the page number out loud, then everyone opens to that page and the students reads the selected page. All my students were so excited about this activity. It’s amazing how just a simple activity like this one can encourage your child to read :)

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New year Resolution..

Teachers, parents, and students, 2012 is almost over this is the best time to overlook your goals and desires again. Here are some new year resolution ideas that you can think about:
1- Be more positive, a positive attitude leads to a positive life
2-Be a volunteer, be helpful
3- Spend more time with family and kids
4- Travel more and enjoy the world around you
5- Improve work situation and don’t make work your priority
6- Lose weight, trust me you’ll feel better
7- Quit smoking, don’t ruin your life over a cigarette
8- Improve health and be fit, have a healthy lifestyle
Happy New year from Miss Farah :

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Words of Encouragement

positive phrases

Teachers, aren’t you sick of writing the same phrases when correcting tests or any class work? like: Excellent, Very good, good and so on….Here is a list of a few positive phrases that you might use….for a change :) Please share with us if you use any interesting positive phrases as well…

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