Biography writing


This week, I explained the rules of writing a “Biography” which is a writing about someone’s life. I told my students to research about a famous person that they choose during the Easter vacation and note the important points about the person’s life on a piece of paper. They could also get a picture of this person or decide to draw. They were all really excited about this activity and I loved the variety of famous people they chose.



Bill Gates




Dr. Seuss


Michael Jackson


Neil Armstrong


Dr. Oz


Nancy Ajram


Selena Gomez

and much more….

I’m so proud of my students they did an amazing job! Smile 

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Time your Students!


   Time your students! In our classroom i like to show my students the time so they can keep track of their classwork and since we are also learning the time the concept will become easier for them because they are using it frequently.

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Seating Arrangement

     To me change is always good. I am the kind of person who really cannot stick to a certain routine especially when it comes to my classroom decoration and seating arrangement.  It is healthy for the students and the teacher. I tried to make two large groups so that I leave more space for us to walk around. I called the space between the two groups the  “Catwalk”. Smile 

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Thank you Kuwait!


   I want to thank two Kuwaiti bloggers who posted about me in their blogs to support me in the Social Media Awards  “Happyq8″ and “Frankom”:
Back in 2009 I used to teach in an American school in Kuwait. It is the country that motivated me to start blogging! Smile

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Multiply by 7 in a fun way!


  Some of my students are having a hard time getting the concept of multiplication. As you teachers know we all have different levels of students in our classrooms. Some would grasp the concept easily but for others you have to find different ways in teaching the skill. This is where differentiated instruction plays a role. Today I showed my students how to multiply by 7 in a pattern. Teach a way to create multiplying by 7 in a fun way from patterns. Share this fun video with a parent or kid.This teaches a positive attitude toward math and pattern recognition, as well as teaching the times table. I hope you like it!

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An award from my students


I already received a “Social Media Award” but from my students. :) It was so cute of them.:D

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Vote for Miss Farah!!


Yeeeeeeey the voting has started! If you think I deserve the title “Best Personal Blog” then vote for me here on this link
1- Sign in with your Facebook or twitter account
2. At the bottom you’ll find dots to scroll to other categories. I’m the 8th dot which represents best personal blog and you will find me there :) Thank you I really appreciate it! ♥

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Miss Farah in the final 7 & supported by her students!


When The Social Media Awards was launched, I immediately told my second grade students about the big event. My 7 year old munchkins follow my blog and write to me all the time, so they are aware of my blog. They love browsing and  showing their parents what they have done in class. My students even told their parents about the Social Media Awards and a few of them came to me and asked me if I made it to the final 7. On Wednesday, March 27th was the day where they announced the final 7 in each category. I had forgotten to tell my students that I made it because well you know we teachers are so busy teaching, correcting, etc…:) but my students didn’t forget. Taleen, one of students, came to me and asked: “Miss Farah you never told us if you made it in the final 7!” I told her the good news and my students started jumping up and down expressing their happiness. I felt that they were proud of me in a way :) They are all excited to start voting for me now. It is amazing how students these days and at such a young age know so much about technology and social media. I will never stop blogging even if I ever consider changing my career. They inspire me daily to become a better teacher and a teacher who can make a difference!

Voting starts tomorrow: Monday April 1st 2013

Here are some rules that you should take into consideration:
1. Voting will start on April 1, 2013 and end on April 25, 2013.
2. Your votes will represent 50% of the final results, while the judges re-voting will represent the other 50%.
3. You can log-in only through Facebook and Twitter to submit votes.
4. You can only vote once for each category.
5. You cannot change your votes once you submit them so be careful when you are voting.
6. To navigate to other categories, use the progress bar (white dots) at the bottom of the page.
7. If you vote for all 32 categories, you will have a chance to win 2 tickets to the final award ceremony at Phoenicia Hotel on April 29. Once you vote for all categories, you will be prompted to enter your email address for the draw.
8. You can only vote from a personal account. Votes from accounts that do not represent a person (on Facebook or Twitter) will not be counted.
9. Votes from duplicate accounts (Facebook and Twitter of the same person) will not be counted.
10. Votes from fake accounts and accounts newer than March 30, 2013 will not be counted.
11. The Social Media Awards is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and accounts and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sect, location, age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, employment, or any other form of segregation.
12. The Social Media Awards reserves the right to disqualify nominees or users in the case of cheating, dishonest behavior, copyright infringement, trademark violations, promotion of illegal activities, abusive behavior, or promoting explicit content (such as pornography, drugs, or violence).
13. If any of the finalists is found to be cheating or spamming, that finalist will be disqualified from the competition without warning and all detect cheating voters will not be counted.


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Cheeseburger book report bulletin board

My students submitted their cheeseburger book report homework today and decorated our bulletin board! They look yummy 😀

Here is the link to the book report in just click on download file and it opens in Microsoft word

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Cheeseburger Book Report!


Cheeseburger Book Report!
I wanted my students to enjoy doing a fun book report so we made this Cheeseburger book report where they stated the title, author, genre, setting, plot, their favorite, part, the conclusion, and a drawing from the story. Each one represented a part of the cheeseburger. It’s fun and it looks great. I will be hanging all the cheeseburgers on the bulletin board once I get them all handed in 😀 yeyy

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