Most Creative Lunchbox for this week!


     This week I decided to choose the most creative lunchbox and not the healthiest! This is Elle’s lunchbox and it has many options for snacks as you can see. She got vegetables, nuts, oats and honey bar, apple juice, Chex mix and 2 sandwiches. Elle had a lot of options for snacks and she was really excited to show it to me to post it on the blog.You’re doing great Elle! You’re lunchbox looks great Open-mouthed smile 

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All About Steve Irwin: The Crocodile Hunter

Every class is required to choose a significant person or place and present it to grades 1 2 and 3. Last year I chose Oprah Winfrey. This year I chose Steve Irwin “the crocodile hunter”. I chose him because he is so passionate about what he does. He taught the people so many things. You can see for yourself the power point presentation that my students will present this Friday to the other sections. I hope you like it :)

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Practice for your spelling test on Microsoft Word!


     Usually, every Thursday we have a computer hour. Sometimes, my students like to visit Encarta encyclopedia and check out pictures and videos. They really like it. However, today I wanted to do something different. I have a few students in my class who need extra help in spelling. One of the methods that would help is the method that I mentioned in my previous post. Today I informed my students that we will practice for our spelling test tomorrow on Microsoft Word. They were so excited and worried at the same time. Some of them have never used Microsoft Word before and don’t know how to use it. Surprisingly, they quickly grasped the concept. They were having fun using the keyboard to spell words.Parents, you can do that too! If you’re child has extra time during the weekend, you can do a simple test for your child in spelling. Children love to touch, hear, and see! If they are not listening to you at home or following rules, always keep them occupied.


Computer screen

There is a site that I really recommend for students to practice their spelling which is:

Hope you found this post beneficial! Have a good night Smile

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How to help your child learn to spell words!


        Many students have trouble spelling words. Some of them remember how to write a specific word after they have learned it for a few minutes, but if you wait a bit longer and ask about the same word they would  have probably forgotten how to spell the word again. I used to have many students who mastered all subjects but not the spelling test. In my opinion having many spelling mistakes is not a big deal because when the child grows up he will eventually get to know how to spell a word, but since it is part of our curriculum then we have to take it into consideration.

    As I was tutoring a student at home, I used this method to help my student remember the words that are required for him to study. He remembered them and even after a while Smile Everything that is visual and hands on, a student remembers! A student learns by doing! I wrote down all the 26 alphabets on cards. I wrote the letter “a” more than once and the “e” and other letters if needed.

My student above was trying to spell the word “because” after several attempts, he mastered it Smile 


       So if you’re a teacher try this activity with your students. Even if you’re mom and your child is having trouble spelling words now there is a fun way to do it. Trust me it works! My student enjoys shuffling the cards. Smile  To add an extra touch, you can reward the student after he gets a specific words correctly…  a sticker will do.

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How NOT to Yell at Your Child on Busy School Mornings


Do your mornings start out rushed and frazzled? Does the stress build to the point where you end up yelling at your kids to get them OUT THE DOOR!

A sure-fire way to amp up the stress level is to try to multitask while you are helping your kids get ready for school. So this means that you need to take care of yourself first… BEFORE it is time to help them.

Get them up early enough.

Pick an absolute-out-of-bed time for the kids that gives them enough time for them to get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast, brush teeth, comb hair, cold weather gear, and get to the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is due to arrive.

Pick out clothes the night before.

Pile up the week’s worth of outfits. I do this each Sunday night. Once the kids get up, they know where to find their clothes, and they can get dressed on their own. No asking you what they should wear, no coming downstairs with strange shirt and pant combinations of questionable cleanliness. Easy and done. Smile

Have backpacks (nearly) ready to go.

all backpacks should be packed up and ready to go the night before and set by the front door before bed. there should be one designated area in your home where everything that needs to go to school should reside. Then, in the morning, while you are finishing up making lunches, You can easily gather up the stray homework assignment, library book, etc. and help your children get it all packed up in plenty of time to head out.

Remember, they are still kids, and kids WILL be silly.

It can be so frustrating when you are trying to herd the crew through the morning routine,

And that’s when it is so easy for your exasperation at their silliness to send you over the edge — and for you to start yelling at all of them to "Sit down, hurry up, and EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!!!" And there you are again, yelling in the morning.

It’s far better to remind yourself that there WILL be morning silliness, and build in a little extra time for it than to be fighting a losing battle — against them and the clock!

How are your mornings going this school year?

Article taken from:

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Miss Farah and her students practice “heart chakra meditation”


The Eco-Goddess image

    Last week, I was watching Anthony Robbins video, a certified life coach. He was helping a woman in the audience who is going through a tough relationship with her husband. He made her connect with her inner self through her heart to feel the love again. So he told her to put her hand on her heart and feel her heart beat. This is called heart meditation. I really liked the idea and thought of trying it out with my students, but of course in a simplified way.

When I tried it the next day, I told my students to put their right hand on their heart and feel their heart beat. I told them to feel it. I also mentioned that when your brain and your heart connect it is an amazing feeling. You’ll forget everything around you. I told them to remember all the people who love them and made them think about who they love. Could be family members, neighbors, classmates, or  maybe their puppy. I could see a smile on their face once they do that.

I just want to remind you that kids stress out too. Maybe the issues that they are stressing out about is not as major as we think it is, but to them it is. TRUST ME! I’ve been dealing with kids for almost 10 years and I know!

   Starting the day with heart meditation for 5 minutes is a great way to start the day!


In the picture above are my students practicing heart meditation.

For adults here are the steps for heart meditation:

This heart chakra meditation is a simple technique to release sadness and fear and to bring compassion and love into your life.

Sit in a comfortable position, either cross-legged on the floor or in a chair. Sit up tall with the spine straight, the shoulders relaxed and the chest open. Inhale the palms together and lightly press the knuckles of the thumbs into the sternum at the level of your heart (you should feel a little notch where the knuckles magically fit). Breathe slowly, smoothly and deeply into the belly and into the chest. Soften your gaze or lightly close the eyes. Let go of any thoughts or distractions and let the mind focus on feeling the breath move in and out of your body. Once the mind feels quiet and still, bring your focus to the light pressure of the thumbs pressing against your chest and feeling the beating of the heart. Keep this focus for one to five minutes.

Next, gently release the hands and rub the palms together, making them very warm and energized. Place the right palm in the center of your chest and the left hand on top of the right. Close the eyes and feel the center of your chest warm and radiant, full of energy. See this energy as an emerald green light, radiating out from the center of your heart into the rest of your body. Feel this energy flowing out into the arms and hands, and flowing back into the heart. Stay with this visualization for one to five minutes.

After you feel completely soaked with heart chakra energy, gently release the palms and turn them outwards with the elbows bent, the shoulders relaxed and the chest open. Feel or visualize the green light love energy flowing out of your palms and into the world. You can direct it towards specific loved ones in your life or to all sentient beings.

To end your meditation, inhale the arms up towards the sky, connecting with the heavens, then exhale and lower the palms lightly to the floor, connecting with the earth. Take a moment or two before moving on with the rest of your day.

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Do you hold your pen in an odd way?



       As I was monitoring my students doing their math test I couldn’t help but wonder how each student was holding the pencil in a different way. I am not sure if that tells anything about your personality. I used to have a student who holds her pen in an odd way, some tried to make her write different, but she still holds it her way. I say do what is comfortable. She has beautiful handwriting.


However, there is something I would like to share. If your son and daughter started holding the pen in a very odd way and her/his handwriting is very bad, then try to fix it with practice. If that doesn’t help then give up. Don’t force anyone on how to hold a pen correctly.



As you can see in the photos above every person has their own way of holding a pen and some are left-handed too, but what I’m really concerned about is not the way you hold your pen or pencil, it is the handwriting.  There are many students whom I have taught who had really bad handwriting. So neat handwriting is what we should focus on. My next post will discuss how to have neat handwriting. Stay tuned Smile 

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Math: How to make 100 using cubes


Students learn by doing. A good teacher would already know that. If you want your student to learn fast and grasp the material better you need demonstrate. It is very hard to model cubes because the students at the back row would barely see. So I decided to get the overhead projector and place the cubes on it.  So let’s say I put 4 tens and 2 ones how many more tens and ones do you need to place to get a 100? That’s what the student is demonstrating in the photo. 42 and 58 is 100.


Up Close and Personal.

Children learn and truly understand math and mathematical concepts best when engaged in hands-on activities and games. By manipulating everyday objects, playing games and finding out ways to solve everyday problems, children gain a true understanding of math and mathematical concepts. Only with this understanding does the meaning of abstract numbers become apparent.

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Healthiest Lunch boxes for the week of January 9-13


We’re back to school after a long Christmas Vacation and I wanted to make sure that my students are still choosing to stay healthy. The first lunchbox I chose was Ralph’s lunchbox. I liked the variety of food. Way to Go Ralph!


The second lunchbox goes to Carina and Leona, the twin sisters! I liked the choice of Kiwi and dark chocolate. They definitely know the real taste of chocolate, way to go girls Smile

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Top 5 Posts for the year 2011!


Dear Readers,

     First of all I want to wish you all a Happy new year. I hope 2012 will be a year full of positivity,  happiness, success, and good health to all of you. I am writing to you from Dubai at the moment. I am spending the Christmas holiday with my best friends. It’s been great! I guess we all need the time to relax and pamper ourselves so that when we are back to school or work we’ll be full of power. I still have a week off and I can’t wait to see my students again I miss them so much. I thought of posting the top 5 posts that have been visited the most  on my blog. Click on the link to read the post enjoy! and Happy new year again!

1- Mom’s Words on my Sandwich

2- Does a Bamboo plant really give positive energy?

3- Miss Farah on MTV Lebanon discussing New techniques to avoid stress!

4- Laughter Yoga: A funny prescription

5- How to Host a Chocolate Party

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