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Miss Farah on Cloud 961 magazine!



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Be safe at summer camp!


If you are enrolling your child in a summer camp, make sure to keep your kids safe. here are a few tips:
1- Make sure your child is dressed comfortably with a cap and bottle of water and have him/her apply sunscreen.
2- Make sure that the summer camp you are enrolling your child into has a medical professional, nurse, and qualified trainers.
3- Make sure you talk to the person in charge of the summer camp and have him or her explain everything for you.
4-Talk to your child when he or she is back home and have them tell you what about their day and open up to you.
Have a wonderful summer :)
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My students dancing to Jai Ho! Indian song

It was amazing!!!!! So proud of my students!

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Grade 2 A “Memories”

Today I finished making the Cds for my students to take them as souvenirs. I made a slideshow using all our photos throughout the year and I put music. We watched it together today in class and it got pretty emotional Sad smile It was so sad, but I’m so glad I was able to inspire my students and to see that they really appreciate what I did for them. I love them so much and I wish them the best in life. Until we meet again…

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A few days left…

Can you guess what I’m doing in this photo? Yep i started removing all the classroom decoration! Just a few days left ….

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Biography writing


This week, I explained the rules of writing a “Biography” which is a writing about someone’s life. I told my students to research about a famous person that they choose during the Easter vacation and note the important points about the person’s life on a piece of paper. They could also get a picture of this person or decide to draw. They were all really excited about this activity and I loved the variety of famous people they chose.



Bill Gates




Dr. Seuss


Michael Jackson


Neil Armstrong


Dr. Oz


Nancy Ajram


Selena Gomez

and much more….

I’m so proud of my students they did an amazing job! Smile 

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Time your Students!


   Time your students! In our classroom i like to show my students the time so they can keep track of their classwork and since we are also learning the time the concept will become easier for them because they are using it frequently.

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Seating Arrangement

     To me change is always good. I am the kind of person who really cannot stick to a certain routine especially when it comes to my classroom decoration and seating arrangement.  It is healthy for the students and the teacher. I tried to make two large groups so that I leave more space for us to walk around. I called the space between the two groups the  “Catwalk”. Smile 

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Thank you Kuwait!


   I want to thank two Kuwaiti bloggers who posted about me in their blogs to support me in the Social Media Awards  “Happyq8″ and “Frankom”:
Back in 2009 I used to teach in an American school in Kuwait. It is the country that motivated me to start blogging! Smile

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